#28 What is this thing called science? With Erik Meira

Season #1

Science is ubiquitous. But what is it? Everyone talks about science and the significance of being scientific but nailing down just what this means for clinical practice in physical therapy is somewhat elusive. To clear all this up, I’m joined by the Science Pt, Erik Meira. Erik is a sharp and eloquent communicator about science and its application to physical therapy. You don’t want to miss this one.

Key Papers:

Powell JK et al. "Restoring that Faith in my Shoulder": A Qualitative Investigation of how and why Exercise Therapy Influenced the Clinical Outcomes of Individuals with Rotator Cuff-Related Shoulder Pain. Phys Ther.

Cashin et al 2023 Mechanisms of exercise and education for low back pain

Costa et al 2023 uncertainty in low back pain care

Powell et al 2022 scoping review of exercise mechanisms for rotator cuff related shoulder pain

Popper: The Logic of Scientific Discovery

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