#27 Exercise for Knee Osteoarthritis. A debate between Marius Henriksen and Christian Barton

Season #1

Exercise for knee osteoarthritis is a non-negotiable and effective intervention, right? Well, maybe it’s not so clear. Evidence seems to be dropping every month challenging the privileged position that exercise occupies for managing knee osteoarthritis. Front and centre is the infamous DICSO trial, published in 2022, and this study will serve as the foundation for this debate. The debate features Marius Henriksen and Christian Barton and these two men engage in polite yet passionate intellectual battle with the aim of figuring out just what role exercise plays for managing people with knee osteoarthritis.

Key Papers:

Bandak et al 2022 DISCO trial

Holden et al 2023 Exercise for hip and knee osteoarthritis

Deyle et al 2023 physical therapy Vs corticosteroid for knee osteoarthritis

What is the effect of saline injections for knee osteoarthritis

Cochrane review exercise for knee osteoarthritis

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