#26 A primer on tendon pain with Professor Neal Millar

Season #2

Tendinopathy: Is it a simple case of tendon overload that can be fixed with eccentric exercise or friction massage? What's the deal with inflammation? Is there a role for adjunct therapies such as biologics and medications? Can physios, surgeons and sports physicians ever get along when it comes to managing tendinopathy? My guest, Professor Neal Millar is here to let you know. 

Key papers:

Millar et al 2021: Tendinopathy

Cook and Purdam Continuum Model of Tendinopathy

Rees et al 2014: Tendons--time to revisit inflammation

Millar et al: Interleukin 17A– a Translational Target to Treat Supraspinatus Tendinopathy

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