#22 Thinking beyond sets and reps with John Kiely

Season #2

In this episode I speak with eminent sport scientist and coach, John Kiely. John is infamous for challenging dogmatic training principles in sport science, chiefly periodisation theory. Our conversation starts with periodisation theory and then goes to some interesting locations, stopping momentarily at homeostasis, allostasis, general adaptation syndrome (GAS), predictive processing, the biomedical model, sets and reps and much, much more. If you prescribe exercise in any way, shape or form, please listen to this episode with the venerable John Kiely.

Key papers:

Periodisation theory: Confronting an inconvenient truth

Periodisation paradigms in the 21st century: evidence-led or tradition-driven?

Uncertainty and stress: Why it causes diseases and how it is mastered by the brain

Psychological factors are associated with the outcome of physiotherapy for people with shoulder pain: a multicentre longitudinal cohort study

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