#21 Can the ACL heal? With Dr Stephanie Filbay

Season #2

An entrenched assumption in sport and exercise medicine/physiotherapy, going back decades, has been that ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries DO NOT heal. Not ever. However, like many dogmatic beliefs in the health and fitness sector, this assumption appears to have been seriously wrong. Dr Stephanie Filbay joins me to discuss her latest paper about the healing capacity of the ACL and what this means for your clinical practice. Dr Filbay also teases some insights from the CROSS bracing trial, which is soon to be published. Be prepared to have some of your most tightly held beliefs seriously challenged in this episode. 

Key papers:

Dr Filbay et al 2022. Evidence of ACL healing on MRI following ACL rupture treated with rehabilitation alone may be associated with better patient-reported outcomes: a secondary analysis from the KANON trial

Dr Filbay Lancet paper Surgery or rehabilitation for anterior cruciate ligament injury: where are we now?

The KANON trial by Frobell et al 2010

Stay tuned for the Cross Bracing Method Trail....

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