#15 The biopsychosocial model - with Ben Cormack

Season #1

The biopsychosocial model is ubiquitous in modern health care but what is it at its core? Is it accurately described and used in research and clinical practice? To help make headway into these questions and more, I'm joined by Ben Cormack. Ben is a MSK therapist from England who has developed a special interest in the philosophy and implementation of the biopsychosocial in MSK health care. 

Key papers mentioned in the show:

Engel 1977 paper

Ben's upcoming paper on the BPS model: Cormack et al 2022 The biopsychosocial model is lost in translation: from misrepresentation to an enactive modernization. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice.

Stilwell and Harman 2019 Enactivism paper

Mescouto 2020 Critical review of the biopsychosocial model 

Gatchel 2007 The biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain

Melbourne workshop details

Melbourne Workshop, June 4, The Performance Centre

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